• SME in Poland and Ukraine. Prospect for future and functioning conditions

SME in Poland and Ukraine. Prospect for future and functioning conditions

  • Autor: Krzysztof Łobos, Olena Yermoshkina
  • Wydawca: Difin
  • ISBN: 978-83-8085-403-1
  • Data wydania: 2017
  • Liczba stron/format: 302/B5
  • Oprawa: miękka

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The monograph was taken about the conditions of the functioning and development of small and medium-sized companies in Poland and Ukraine. There is considerable disparity between the development of this segment of companies in both countries. Presented are different views on these conditions, both from the perspective of enterpreneurs Polish and Ukrainian. They are formulated various recommendations on how to stimulate the development of SMEs in both countries. The book is a joint work of employees of the Higher School of Banking in Wroclaw and the National Mining University in Dnipro. The book shows the multifaceted development and issues related to the functioning of the SME sector in Poland and Ukraine, and shows the determinants of development in the future.

Table of contents:

Olena Yermoshkina and Krzysztof Łobos

Part I. Development of SME’s and prospects for future

Chapter 1. Improving of the stimulating mechanism for small business development in Ukraine: European experience
Bukreieva Daria

Chapter 2. Cognitive analysis of small business development in Ukraine
Churikanova Olena

Chapter 3. Stimulating the development of small businesses at the local level (the experience of Poland and ukraine)
Dotsenko Olena

Chapter 4. Search for long-term financing for small business in Ukraine: problems and prospects
Lisovenkova Iryna

Chapter 5. Mechanism of stabilization of economic growth for small business in Ukraine
Solianyk Liudmyla

Chapter 6. Small business: Problems, Perspective, challenges
Shtefan Nataliya

Chapter 7. Barriers to SME development in Poland
Wójcik Dariusz

Chapter 8. Funding the startups: prospects for Ukraine and Poland
Yermoshkina Olena

Part II. SME environment

Chapter 1. The discrepancies of development and their sources between Ukrainian and Polish enterprises in size classes
Łobos Krzysztof, Szewczyk Mirosława

Chapter 2. Cultural forms of Business in Poland and Ukraine
Rogowska Barbara

Chapter 3. Taxation and registration of Small and Medium Enterprises in Poland and Ukraine
Rogozina Svetlana

Chapter 4. The opportunities for funding the development of small and medium-sized enterprises from the structural funds in Poland after 2007
Wilk Kazimiera

Part III. PartIcular aspects of SME functioning

Chapter 1. Optimization of Ukrainian business integration at European and national markets in terms of aggravation of raw material supply
Demydenko Mykhailo

Chapter 2. Measurement of organizational climate in contemporary organizations – adaptation, validation and verification of haygroup’s oce method to polish conditions
Wudarzewski Grzegorz

Chapter 3. Modelling personality qualifications based on the example of manager  of z postgraduate studies position in “x” academic institution
Wudarzewski Grzegorz, Wudarzewski Włodzimierz

Chapter 4. Mathematical simulation for assessment of the small business efficiency: regional aspects
Zamkovy Oleksandr

Chapter 5. Role and position of branding for creating and developing the efficient S&ME
Yatsentyuk Stanislav

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