• Research methodology of innovative behaviour

Research methodology of innovative behaviour

  • Autor: Piotr Weryński
  • Wydawca: Difin
  • ISBN: 978-83-7930-950-4
  • Data wydania: 2015
  • Liczba stron/format: 154/B5
  • Oprawa: miękka

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This book is a substantive culmination of the works in the innovative testing project titled ‘With the matrix to innovative entrepreneurship’. It was planned as a methodological work in its structure along with the contents addressed to the students a nd scientific employees of universities (to some extent), to the entrepreneurs who wish to extend th eir knowledge in the area of innovation management, innovation in marketing and marketing i nnovation. The book takes into consideration not only the theoretical bases of the project, references to its methodological assumptions (complex triangulation procedure and mixed methodology), results of own research (mainly, essential for the project, in the field of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises), but also some practical uses of the Matrix of Marketing Needs tool.

Table of contents:


1. Project – assumptions of the research strategy

1.1. Justification of the project realisation
1.2. Construction methodology of the Matrix of Marketing Needs

2. Research conceptualisation and operationalisation

2.1. Operational definition and typology of innovation definitions
2.2. Areas of marketing innovation and innovation in marketing

3. Diagnosis of the behaviour of the entrepreneurs from SME

3.1. Methodology of the quantitative research
3.2. Research results in the areas: customer, environment and brand
3.3. Research results in the areas: competencies, processes and strategies

4. Testing of the Matrix of Marketing Needs

4.1. Assumptions of the experimental plan
4.2. Results of the selected qualitative research

5. Validation results of the Matrix of Marketing Needs

5.1. External evaluation of MMN
5.2. The final product – validation results of MMN


List of References

Piotr Weryński
PhD, is a sociologist in the Department of Applied Social Sciences, Faculty of Organization and Management at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, a graduate of MA and doctoral studies at the Institute of Sociology, Jagiellonian University in Cracow. He is an author and co-author of sixty Polish and foreign scientific publications (including five monographs). He was an author and manager of several research projects, including the project of With matrix to innovative entrepreneurship and long-term research on the social image of Fiat Auto Poland. The area of the author`s scientific interest concentrates on sociology of organizations, social self-organization processes, functioning of local and regional civil society, third sector, social economy and some aspects of methodology of social sciences (e.g. mixed methodology).

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