• Intercultural management issues

Intercultural management issues

  • Autor: redakcja naukowa Małgorzata Rozkwitalska
  • Wydawca: Difin
  • ISBN: 978-83-7641-684-7
  • Data wydania: 2012
  • Liczba stron/format: 177/B5
  • Oprawa: miękka

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Dostępność: Duża ilość w magazynie

The reviewed book contains a discussion on the sources of barriers in management in a cross-cultural environment. It also includes a presentation of chosen aspects of organisational behaviours that are of vital importance from the angle of a possible occurrence of cultural differences. These issues are undoubtedly practical and reflect evidence of cultural differences existing in the business reality. Choosing the right and proper problems for the discussion in the book must have been a very serious matter, particularly that the subject is of such a complex nature and there is a great spectrum of available issues to portray. I think that the authors solved this dilemma in a perfect manner and their proposition of the discussed topics is adequate. There one can find such fundamental issues in the context of organisational behaviour in the table of contents like communication and leadership as well as references to the contemporary management concepts such as knowledge management, project management or corporate social responsibility. There is no doubt that each of these areas is of tremendous significance for business and at the same time is affected by culturally contingent attitudes and behaviours of organisational members.

Spis treści:

Chapter 1. Intercultural Management – Introduction
Małgorzata Rozkwitalska
1.1. Culture and Management
1.2. Models of Culture
1.3. Intercultural Management
1.4. Multicultural Organisation and Cultural Synergy
1.5. Case study: South Korean Culture and Human Resource Management Practices in South Korean Firms
Chapter 2. Managing Barriers in Intercultural Management
Małgorzata Rozkwitalska
2.1. Cross-cultural Interactions and Cultural Barriers
2.2. Cultural Distance Embedded Barriers
2.3. Organisational Barriers
2.4. Individual Rooted Barriers
2.5. Case Study: Challenges in Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions – A Failure of DaimlerChrysler
Chapter 3. Cross-cultural Communication
Marta Szeluga-Romańska
3.1. Communication Process in a Cross-cultural Setting
3.2. Barriers to Cross-cultural Communication
3.3. Effective Communication across Cultures
3.4. Case Study: International Sense of Humour
Chapter 4. Leading across Cultures
Paweł Ziemiański
4.1. Global Leadership
4.2. Cross-cultural Competences
4.3. Managing Global Managers
4.4.Case Study: A Manager on an Overseas Assignment
Chapter 5. Multicultural Teams Management
Monika Dąbrowska
5.1. Main Multicultural Team Issues
5.2. Multicultural Project Management Teams
5.3. Managing Multicultural Project Management Teams
5.4. Case Study: Working in an English-Indian Project Management Team
Chapter 6. Knowledge Management Across Cultures
Henryk Szmidt
6.1. A Brief History of Knowledge Management
6.2. What is Knowledge Management?
6.3. Knowledge Management Concepts Across Cultures
6.4. Barriers and Key Success Factors in Knowledge Management in a Multicultural Environment
6.5. Case study: The Role of Cross-cultural Training in Knowledge Transfer between a Polish Subsidiary of a French Corporation
Chapter 7. Ethics and Social Responsibility Across Cultures
Bożena Dancewicz
7.1. Roots of Business Ethics Across Cultures
7.2. Roots and Evolution of Western Business Ethics
7.3. Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility in International Business
7.4. Ethical Problems in Multinational Corporations
7.5. Case Study: Corporate Social Responsibility and Manufacturers of Breast-milk Substitutes
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redakcja naukowa

Małgorzata Rozkwitalska

dr nauk ekonomicznych, adiunkt w Katedrze Zarządzania Wydziału Zarządzania i Ekonomii Politechniki Gdańskiej. Absolwentka Zarządzania i marketingu Akademii Morskiej w Gdyni. Wykłada podstawy zarządzania oraz zarządzanie międzynarodowe. Autorka publikacji z zakresu międzynarodowych stosunków ekonomicznych i biznesu międzynarodowego w języku polskim i angielskim. Łączy teorię z praktyką, współpracuje z firmami konsultingowymi.

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