• Management of Enterprise in the 21st Century

Management of Enterprise in the 21st Century

  • Autor: Agnieszka Barcik, Piotr Dziwiński, Marcin Jakubiec
  • Wydawca: Difin
  • ISBN: 978-83-7930-808-8
  • Data wydania: 2015
  • Liczba stron/format: 179/B5
  • Oprawa: miękka

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Management of a company includes many concerns, for example: area of processes, company’s resources – material, immaterial, human resources, knowledge, intellectual capital, quality, strategies of competition and often in changeable environment actions of restructuring. These issues were described in the following monograph. The monograph  discusses contemporary problems of company management. The authors focused on problems which are important in daily practice of companies. Many topics discussed in the monograph are based on case studies.

Authors hope that the monograph will be useful tool for managers, students of economic and management courses, as well as all people who are interested in company management.

Table of contents:


1. Managing a business in current market conditions

1.1. Management functions in the XXI century
1.2. Methods of management
1.2.1. Innovation in management
1.2.2. Knowledge management
1.2.3. Intellectual capital
1.2.4. Theory of net in management
1.3. Process approach in management

2. Quality in business management

2.1. The role of quality management
2.2. Standardized quality management system
2.3. Instruments of quality management in the enterprise
2.3.1. Concepts of improvement
2.3.2. Methods and tools of improvement

3. Competition in management of the enterprise

3.1. Competition and competitiveness of enterprises
3.2. Competitive strategies of enterprises
3.3. The market dominance as a strategic objective of the enterprise
3.4. Abuse of dominant position

4. Anti-competitive pricing strategies of the dominant companies

4.1. Strategy of excessively high prices
4.2. Strategy of predatory prices
4.3. Strategy of price discrimination  1096 Table of contents

5. Restructuring in management of enterprises in crisis

5.1. Crisis in the enterprise
5.2. Crisis of financial liquidity
5.3. Concept of enterprise’s restructuring
5.4. Financial restructuring of the enterprise

6. Restructuring in the SME sector

6.1. Characteristics of the SME sector
6.2. Specificity of restructuring in small and medium-sized enterprises
6.3. Key limitations of restructuring of small and medium-sized enterprises


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