• Foreign direct investment strategies and performance in the internationalization of Polish companies

Foreign direct investment strategies and performance in the internationalization of Polish companies

  • Autor: Piotr Trąpczyński
  • Wydawca: Difin
  • ISBN: 978-83-7930-780-7
  • Data wydania: 2015
  • Liczba stron/format: 198/B5
  • Oprawa: miękka

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Dostępność: Duża ilość w magazynie

This book, presenting the findings of a research project financed by the National Science Centre of Poland (grant DEC-2012/07/N/HS4/00283), is an answer to two essential trends which have been observed in international business for some time, and are increasingly raising the attention of managers, policy-makers and researchers.

The first issue is related to the relationship between the international expansion of firms and its economic results. Existing studies have not provided conclusive evidence on the benefits of internationalisation. The factors affecting the success of firms in international
markets are a fundamental variable for decision-makers responsible for foreign expansion, since there is nothing inevitable and guaranteed about firm growth.
The present study provides insights both on the performance outcomes of foreign affiliates owned by Polish parent firms, and their contribution to the results of the parents.

The second aspect pertains to the dynamic growth of Polish firms in international
markets. While exports have by far remained the most common internationalisation strategy, an increasing number of firms from Poland are undertaking foreign direct investment (FDI) in order to enhance their international competitiveness. This phenomenon is crucial for firm development, but also for the economic growth of the home country. The book sets out by reviewing the key concepts explaining FDI as a mode of firm expansion, discusses the specific character of internationalisation of firms originating from emerging markets, and then provides new insights on the strategies of Polish firms investing abroad.

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Piotr Trąpczyński

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